Flyball Thrusters

Each Thruster in made in house since 2005


The thrusters are precisely machined to exact standards. They are completely made out of metal (except for the rubber bump stop) The outer frame of the thruster is made out of 6061 Aluminum. The catch and latch are made from A513 Alloy steel.


The thrust shaft is round and is able to rotate 360 degrees. This allows the thrusters metal catch barrel to float creating an even wear all around.

The metal latch is placed on a long fulcrum arm to increase box sensitivity and latching reliability. When installed correctly only -/+ 3/16” of pedal travel is required to trigger the box.


These thrusters are used by many box builders around the world and many record setting teams as well! 
Many have copied and imitated my design but these are the original ball thruster that have been in production since 2005 with small irradiations here and there. 


I must point out that these thrusters are designed for my boxes. Yes, many have built their own boxes and also retrofitted them into other box shells with great success but it's very difficult for me to supoort installations into a box I did not design.

Why use ball thrusters?


Even though there are many variables that can determine a balls trajectory, ( ie, ball size, ball weight, slobber, dirt, ball seams, how it's loaded, old or new ball etc. ) This style of Ball Thruster will help make the balls trajectory more consistent compared to the traditional catapult/swing arm method or other ball propelling devices. The Thruster hits the ball straight on with no deflection. Speed and sensitivity is easily adjusted. 





These Thrusters have advantages over other styles of thrusters or your older traditional catapult/swing arm method.

  • Consistent shot,
  • Reacts faster,
  • Very sensitive (hair trigger)
  • Robust,
  • Life Span,
  • Fully rebuildable
  • Quiet,
  • Minimal maintenance.
  • Easy access for cleaning and lubricating, 
  • No "dead spot" on the pedal when installed correctly,
  • Minimal recoil/concussion when fired; this is easier on the box structure,
  • Simplified box design making the box lighter when compared to the traditional box mechanism,
  • They are not effected by weather (temperature, moisture/humidity)

Pedal to Thruster De-latch arms


Universal pedal delatch arms that can be incorperated into most box designs with ease.

  • Made out of 6061 1/8" wall Aluminum Channel,
  • Roller berring on the end that glides on the thruster latch for a smooth engagement,
  • Typically 5-1/2" long but custom lengths can be ordered.


These are the same arms that come in the Standard Flyball Box. 

Please contact me for price and availability

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