Flyball Equipment Plans

Free Flyball Box Plans


These free plans are based on an old box design I created many years ago (prior to my Thrusters Boxes) It is fairly easy to build and adhears to NAFA box standards. All the parts and materials can be found at you local hardware store like, Home Depot, Lowes, Rona etc.

You can download the complete set of plans which includes: Drawings, Material List, Pictures and a Step-by-Step guide.

This box is more for a "fun" team or someone just starting out. It's not really a "higher performance" or considered a modern box. Any handyman should be able to make this box, however, the person must have some sort of idea how the box functions and how it is used.

Please note: Ball Thrusters will not work in this box.


This box is for personal use only!


















If you make this box and it work out for you, I would appreciate some feedback on how you made out. 




Competition Quality Flyball Box Plans and Thruster Kit


Exciting news, due to popular demand, I’ve decided to re-release my box plans and steel thruster kit for a limited time. 
Build this proven box design similar to my standard boxes or morph it to something of your own using the plans as a basis. 

For a Base Kit you get:

    - 2 Steel Thrusters,

    - 2 Pedal De-latch arms,

    - 5 pages of detailed plans on 8-1/2" x 11" hard copy paper,

    - Detailed Step-by-Step with 100’s of pictures shouwng every major step (all on a CD Rom which you can print off.)

    - Parts list,

    - Cut list.


Additional Steel Thrusters can be purchaed to enable you to build a 4 hole box if desired. The plans do describe how to make a 4 hole box as well.

All the other parts can be purchased at your local hardware store. (No unique or hard to find parts) 

These steel thruster behave and operate the same as my aluminum ones but are only offered with these plans.

Build your own box at a fraction of the cost in a weekend.


This box is for personal use only. These plans and thruster kit are intented for people and/or teams that are on a limited budget to build themselves a quality box that will enable them to be more competitive.













































How to make Flyball Jumps


I created a short YouTube video on how to make a set of flyball jumps.



































Flyball Jump Sets & Box Jumps


Don't feel you can make a set of jumps? Even though I'm fairly busy with making Thrusters and Boxes, I can fit some jumps in here and there.
Please contact me for deails, availabiliy and current pricing.


Please note: Sintra Slats are no longer available at this time.


The Jumps consist of:

  • 8-uprights,

  • 4-6" Base boards

  • 8-2" plywood slats.

  • This is your typical one (1) lane set up. 

  • This configuration is to be used in conjunction with Sintra Slats*

  • To reduce your costs and deliery time these jumps come unpainted and some teams like to paint their own team colors on the uprights.



Box Jumps can be custom order to suit. They are typically 48" long by 8" high. Low or High Uprights can be ordered as well.

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